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ZJ15 Drilling Rig
Brief Description
ZJ15 is the development of new mechanical rig. It can be used to 600-1500m oil wells, drilling, coal, geothermal wells,water wells. The rig used mature domestic and foreign advanced technology and structure, with the reliability and technical performance. ZJ15 drilling rigs conform to SY/T5600-1999 and HSE standards. The main parts design and manufacture conform to API standards.
Characteristics of ZJ15 Drilling Rig 
● Adopt advanced hydraulic shifting gearbox, and with smooth transmission, convenient shift, small size, light weight.
● With A-type mast, light weight, wellhead room specious, well drilling vision, the use of safe and reliable.
● Rotary table, draw works, and rectangular box-defense put on the same base, which is the base as part of the rig substructure. This will reduce the transport unit, and avoiding the rig removal, the installation of the transmission link dismounting, guarantee that the tart the transmission chain of the original installation of the accuracy and reliability of the work.
Technical parameters
Norminal drilling depth:                            1500 m(4-1/2″)
Roated Hook Load:                                  800 kN
Max Hook Load:                                       1125 kN
Roated power :                                        354 kW(475HP)/ 2100 rpm       
Mast Height:                                             32 m
Assembling height of racking board:       17 m,18.5 m,20 m(also can intall as customer's order)
Travelling system:                                   4×5
Diameter of  wireline:                              φ26 mm
Wheel diameter:                                     17 m
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